Billy Goldston

Billy Sherard Goldston Sr. is a critical thinking executive with extensive experience in large scale operations and  organizational leadership. He is a creative and insightful motivator who also possesses the ingenuity to successfully exceed ambitious business goals. Billy brings a distinguished twenty-three-year career with the United States Army and a wide-range of high stress global management experience. Billy has proven to be a perspicacious and resourceful leader, who has managed the daily operations for organizations staffed by 1,000+ employees that carry $60M+ budgets but nimble enough to guide small business units through various startup phases with zero funding. His understanding of business operations and uncanny ability to solve complex problems in agile environments will allow femPAQ Inc. to emerge as an international leader within the femtech industry.

Billy holds a master’s degree in business administration as well as a graduate certificate in organizational management from American Military University. He also earned a bachelor of arts in homeland security from American Military University and is a graduate of several U.S.  military courses.